Forthcoming events - what's new?

The the next Ouse Valley event of 2020 is the first leg of the bank competition at Arlington on Sunday 22nd March. I will be in touch soon to find out if you would like to join in so that I can buy the discounted tickets in advance.

The full programme of events for 2020 is available in the Events section. Always check there for up-to-date information.

Recent club events

16 February 2020 - Duncton Mill

Our visit coincided with that of storm Dennis, keeping a few people at home. It was certainly raining, but the wind wasn't at all troublesome. And there was excellent fishing.

9 January 2020 - AGM

Changes to the membership prices (which are being halved!) were agreed. A programme for 2020 was proposed and once the bookings have been made, the detailed programme will be available on this web site.

30 December 2019 - Brick Farm Lakes

The day was chosen well - cold but sunny - and the breakfast was the highlight. A most enjoyable day to blow away the Christmas cobwebs.

6 December 2019 - Annual dinner

Many thanks to so many of you for coming to the dinner at the Blackboys Inn.

10 November 2019 - Duncton Mill

Good weather and good fishing in a glorious location. What more do you want?!

20 October 2019 - Lakedown

The second leg of the small water competition was held on a rare day without rain, but the recent heavy rain made fishing a little tricky because of the coloured water in a couple of the lakes.

13 October 2019 - Bewl, boats

A challenging day, with some uncomfortable rain and wind and also lots of uncooperative fish. It was just one of those days!

Fishing news

February 2020 - There's a nice obituary for Jim Smith in the March 2020 edition of Trout & Salmon.

January 2020 - The sad news of Blackwool Farm's closure as a trout fishery has just filtered through to me. It now concentrates on its wedding business.

September 2019 - Good news! It seems that Brick Farm Lakes has reopened, under new management.

July 2019 - There's a new series of Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing starting on Friday 2nd August 2019 on BBC2.

April 2019 - Do you have a lucky fishing hat? There's a nice piece about fishing hats here.

March 2019 - Do you have a friend who wants to learn about fly fishing? Have a look at the free Orvis course. Nearest locations would be the Orvis stores in Stockbridge or Chichester.

Feb 2019 - There's a good article on the the seven deadly sins of fly fishing on the Orvis web site.

Dec 2018 - Are you an "average angler"? The results of the Environment Agency's survey of freshwater angling in England are now published and make really interesting reading. The web site is here. I'll try and extract some of the more interesting statistics for the next newsletter.

Nov 2018 - Have a look at the Fly Culture magazine web site. The forthcoming winter edition, which is due shortly, will include a grayling article from one of our members.

7 Aug 2018 - Issue 80 of Eat, Sleep, Fish is out. Sadly, this is the last edition for a while so that the editor can concentrate on the launch of Fly Culture magazine. This is a "best of" edition, full of excellent articles - well worth a read.

30 Jul 2018 - There's a short article in Trout & Salmon, September 2018 edition, about Sean Keenan catching a brown trout, a sea trout and a salmon on the same cast while fishing in County Mayo. Certainly not an everyday occurrence!