Forthcoming events - what's new?

It's become hard to plan ahead again. Because of the new lockdown, we have had to cancel the trip to Lakedown on Sunday 8th November. The boat fishing at Bewl on Sunday 22nd November is cancelled too. So I'm not at all sure of the date of our next trip. I hope that we can start fishing again in December. We shall see!

The full programme of events for 2020, planned before the coronavirus outbreak, is available in the Events section. Always check there for up-to-date information.

Recent club events

18 October 2020 - Moorhen

Good to see so many people turning out for what proved to be a really enjoyable day. As ever, fishing was easy for some, and tough for others. The weather was kind and the bacon rolls were excellent.

20 September 2020 - Brick Farm

There had to be a change in venue for this trip and so we went to Brick Farm again. Fortunately the fishing wasn't quite as challenging as last time, but it was still warm and sunny. It was a great pleasure to socially distance once again!

12 July 2020 - Brick Farm

A warm sunny day made the fishing rather challenging for most but a competent few managed to catch, primarily in the earlier part of the morning. It was good to see a good turnout and it was especially good to be fishing as a club again.

22 March 2020 - Arlington

This was to be the first leg of the bank competition, but we will have to see how the year progresses before we can decide how the competitions will work this year. It was a sunny day with a strong NE wind, and the fishing was tough.

16 February 2020 - Duncton Mill

Our visit coincided with that of storm Dennis, keeping a few people at home. It was certainly raining, but the wind wasn't at all troublesome. And there was excellent fishing.

9 January 2020 - AGM

Changes to the membership prices (which are being halved!) were agreed. A programme for 2020 was proposed and once the bookings have been made, the detailed programme will be available on this web site.

30 December 2019 - Brick Farm Lakes

The day was chosen well - cold but sunny - and the breakfast was the highlight. A most enjoyable day to blow away the Christmas cobwebs.

Fishing news

November 2020 - Arlington is closing as a fishery from the 2021 season. Particularly sad news.

September 2020 - You guessed it - Arlington will remain open throughout October. It is closing for the season on Saturday 31st October.

August 2020 - and again, Arlington's season has been extended into September, with fishing prices lowered.

July 2020 - Arlington's fishing season has been extended yet again, now beyond Friday 31st July for as long as conditions allow.

July 2020 - The list of local fishing venues has just been updated. Take a look .

July 2020 - Our good friend Howard Colmer talks about three favourite trout flies in the September 2020 issue of Trout & Salmon.

June 2020 - Arlington's fishing season has been extended again, now to Friday 31st July.

June 2020 - Arlington's fishing season has been extended to Saturday 11th July.

May 2020 - The lockdown is beginning to end. Many fisheries are now open, but with strict rules in place to limit the spread of covid-19. Arlington is opening for pre-booked fishing for members.

March 2020 - Sensibly, fisheries are closing their doors for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. If you find somewhere to fish, do take very great care and follow all the current coronavirus advice. Or stay at home and tie some flies.

February 2020 - There's a nice obituary for Jim Smith in the March 2020 edition of Trout & Salmon.

January 2020 - The sad news of Blackwool Farm's closure as a trout fishery has just filtered through to me. It now concentrates on its wedding business.

September 2019 - Good news! It seems that Brick Farm Lakes has reopened, under new management.